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Rapid Flight Training was founded to deliver Fast, Focused, Flight Training.  Our motto is "It's OK to be Impatient."  We are impatient for you to get your certificate or rating.  Rapid Flight Training concentrates on knowledge transfer and eliminates relearning caused by pauses and delays.  We don't allow weather to delay your training because....we have airplanes!  If the weather is bad, you and your dedicated instructor fly to an area where the weather is acceptable. Real-world cross-countries and situation-based training are the core of our accelerated flight training program.


Matt Lethinen Founder



I'm an entrepreneur, so when I decided to get my ratings, I had a small window of time to do it.  I've found that too many schools focus on a rigid process, and not enough on each student's unique objectives.  At RFT, you will experience custom, situation-based, accelerated flight training. Our goal at Rapid Flight Training is to provide you with real-world Fast, Focused, Flight training.  When you leave RFT, you will be ready to safely incorporate general aviation into your everyday life.  

Tyson Bray CFI/I



I started pursuing my passion of aviation in 2019 as a senior in high school. Since then, I've studied at 5 different flight schools in a search for the best training possible.  Through that journey, I've observed what to do and what not to do.  Here at RFT, it's all about the student, not the instructor.  I'm excited to be at RFT to help students achieve their goals through Fast, Focused, Flight Training.

Carl Walker CFI/I



I began my aviation journey in 2021 when I earned my private pilot certificate, with the help of my dad. Shortly after, I went to a small flight school in northern Texas to earn my instrument rating, commercial, CFI, CFI/I, and multi commercial certificates. Since moving back home to KMIE in 2022, I've flown over 1400 hours and logged flight time in multiple different aircraft ranging from Cessna 150's to the Conquest. 




My aviation career started back in 2016 as a freshman in college. After earning my Flight Instructor certificates, I knew I wanted to remain closer to home and teach at a flight school that truly put its students first and fosters a learning environment that promotes aeronautical safety and professionalism. Here at RFT, we are all about developing safer pilots and helping them achieve their dreams with Fast, Focused, Flight Training. On days off from teaching, I work in the airlines as a Flight Dispatcher planning and tracking flights across North America as well as jumpseating on aircraft ranging from CRJ 200's to Boeing 777's to observe flight deck operations. 

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